Comments Are Welcome

Since I start blogging from 14-10-2007, I have received 40 over comments on my blogs, I feel very happy because my views or tips can be shared with others. Although my blogs are short, but I believe it is my little effort, I have learnt something since the comments coming, people give good advices, good ideas, all these things are really good experiences for me, I wish I can move forward  and hope that I can try new things to let more and more people interact with me. thanks for all your support.



  1. 1
    marge Says:

    hi william,

    when u write something worth to read and sensible it worth also to comment!so go on with ur writing stuff…i know u will come out in a long way! bravo my friend!

  2. 2
    mrloo Says:

    keep it man, blog lang ng blog.

    wanna exchange links?

    drop by a comment to page links and I will add you to my current link list.


  3. 3
    love Says:

    keep it up friend^_^i will be ur one fan readers and commenters..^_^

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