Please Love Youself , Do Not Ever Try Illegal Drugs

Taking drugs are really detrimental to our body and mind. Drugs contain elements that can get you addicted, you will slowly lose the will power, so Please engage healthy activities, do the right things so that you can have a meaningful life. Once you try the drugs, you will try all means to get it and break the law, your friends will leaving you. You will treat the drugs as your lovers, you will totally lost the concentration on your job and eventually landed in the prison or you might be hanged. The sad thing is that your life will be shortened because of consuming drugs. so, Please love yourself, do not ever try the drugs. Remember you will pay the high price for it.



  1. 1
    Lori Says:

    hello Coolingstar
    I don’t do the drugs that are illegal.
    but I take drugs for medicinal purposes only
    I however, hear of people taking steroids
    These are examples of ones that can ruin
    the body.

  2. 2
    marge Says:


    i never ever had experienced in taking illegal drugs… so i dunno how it is and whats the difference between a person takes it and non taker….hehehe

  3. 3
    yVonNe Says:

    Hi Tan
    I have a friend who was a drug addict. His wife left him with his child. He was caught and was locked up in the DRC. Now he repented and change his life. Unfortunately, his wife left him…..for another man………..

  4. 4
    love Says:

    I’m a Good Girl hehehe^_^i didn’t do that,
    I love my self ofcourse…

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