My New Global Friend From Mexico

Through writing blogs, I now have more friends. My recent friend Beth who is from Mexico which is situated at North America. Beth is a teacher who like her teaching job very much. She is a head of Arts and Pe. She likes to learn Asian culture. After interacting with Beth, I know Mexico  better, I read the web site and now I have the clearer picture of Mexico.

It is really good to know other countries’ history, culture etc to enrich our knowledge. I know that I will continue to have more friends from any corner of the world. who is my next friend? which country he comes from? I will know very soon.   



  1. 1
    love Says:

    “i really love oL ur poem Tan^_^…i’ll be ur avid readers
    weww!!!nice view too^_^

  2. 2
    felicia Says:

    Is good you learn more about blog.Its can help you to know more about cultures throughout the world.Good! Keep on,don’t give up.Mr Tan

  3. 3

    Love, Felicia,
    thanks for the comments, It make me have more energy to write more blogs, your are my global friend,
    Love, you are my philipine’s friend, Felicia is my malaysia ‘s friend, may all good things come to your.

  4. 4
    Onat Says:

    Hi Coolingstar9, I consider you as one of my global friends but i dont know if you are aware that I’m from the philippines… I hope you could also learn things about our country since i noticed that you’ve got lot of visitors from the philippines… i recommend visiting he is my friend blogging unique things about our country…btw youre frow singapore right?

  5. 5
    Michel Says:

    It’s fun to know we have friends around the world and it’s fun to know more! Everything is because of a blog LOL we know more of eachother by exchanging !

    Thanks Tan for helping people exchange their comments !

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