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Rambo, Charging Back Into Theaters, Faces Monster

This weekend will provide a box-office test of whether the public will turn out to see a 61-year-old former action star in a role that he first made popular as a much younger man. Sylvester Stallone first introduced the character of John Rambo in 1982 in the movie First Blood. He last appeared as the character in 1988, helping rebels in Afghanistan oust the Soviet Union. (In the interim most of those rebels turned against the U.S.) “Hopefully, what our advertising has done is introduce Rambo to a whole new generation of younger males,” Lionsgate distribution chief told today’s (Friday) Los Angeles Times. The question among box-office analysts was whether it could top Cloverfield, which had a spectacular opening last weekend. While Rambo is expected to take in $15-20 million, that figure would merely come close to equaling what Cloverfield would bring in if its ticket sales fell by 50 percent. It’s also being challenged by the debuting comedy Meet the spartans, a spoof of last year’s 300, which has also been garnering considerable buzz in recent weeks. (Spartans was not screened for critics.)
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