Search engine optimization software

Yesterday a blogging friend Ali asked me why his blogsite had no visitors. After having some conversation with him, I knew what was the reasons.


1. He never visit other site and comment.

2. He never put tags and categories on his posts.

I told him:” Based on my experiences, you should visit other blog site and drop comments on their posts, they will visit you.”

He further asked me how about search engine optimization software. I told him that he needed not buy it at this moment because he blogs only for fun .

We should learn search engine software if we want to make money on line. He asked me how about adword. . For adword, if we have a web site selling products eg. clickbank,etc.

For me, I am very interested about search engine optimization software. Today,  I surf the internet by typing ” SEO software and come to the site” “. It mentions that they have many good search engine optimization software. I will decide later. The good news is that my friend Joyce just give me a ticket. I am going to attend Asia Internet congress on 5th, 6th, 7th Dec at Singapore management university.


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    cremonti Says:

    thanks for your info.
    nice blog anyway .. 🙂

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