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Making money on line

October 11, 2009

How to make money on line, I believe this is ready the hot topic for many people. Why? Because now the economic condition is not ready good. Some have no job to do.

But if you have the computer, then you ready can make money on line. Start from reading e-mail that only can give me little bit of money unless you know hoe to refer to your friends and others. If you ready want to make more money, then you ready need to master the basic because knowledge is power.

Just talk about blogging, you can write blog on free site like WordPress or blogger. After sometimes, you can upgrade to site because of many features and it can rank your articles in search engine well.

For me, blogging is my favourite hobby and now I am exploring something new that is about making money on line. I have already started the on line journey and I tell myself that I should not give up if facing any difficulties. I have to find out the solutions, there must be some good ways.

That is my little thought for today, I hope your all can learn this, making money on line. It is ready fun, talk to you next time.


My other blogs – blogging experiences

December 19, 2007

I have written some blogs on about doing business, web site, blogging, friendship, etc.

In order for you to easily access to my blogpost site , I put the link below, hope you enjoy reading my short blogs.

You are welcome to read and comment, click the title of each blog, you can directly access my blog page.

Hello world!

October 14, 2007

I am Coolingstar9 ,14-10-2007  was my happy day that I started blogging and had a path to know more global friends.This is my exciting journey to the new global world. I believe that I can contribute a little bit of my life experiences and valuable advice to readers. This is my good starting point.   Thanks in advance for your continued support. I need some comments as an encouragement.