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Making money on line

October 11, 2009

How to make money on line, I believe this is ready the hot topic for many people. Why? Because now the economic condition is not ready good. Some have no job to do.

But if you have the computer, then you ready can make money on line. Start from reading e-mail that only can give me little bit of money unless you know hoe to refer to your friends and others. If you ready want to make more money, then you ready need to master the basic because knowledge is power.

Just talk about blogging, you can write blog on free site like WordPress or blogger. After sometimes, you can upgrade to site because of many features and it can rank your articles in search engine well.

For me, blogging is my favourite hobby and now I am exploring something new that is about making money on line. I have already started the on line journey and I tell myself that I should not give up if facing any difficulties. I have to find out the solutions, there must be some good ways.

That is my little thought for today, I hope your all can learn this, making money on line. It is ready fun, talk to you next time.


Feng shui is wind and water

January 12, 2009
Feng Shui [ wind and water] is the environment that 
surround us.. It involves  subtle energy. Expert use 
 the compass to find out the location whether good 
or bad to you..Any  prosperity Energies and Spiritual
 Energies surround the places ? Experts need to 
check  different objects and room formations to find
 out their energies.   To have  the best direction in the
 workplace.  Sometimes they need to use the proper  
drawings, colors and ornaments to put it on the walls.  
 It is good  to integrate the Mind and Space to quickly 
materialize the benefits of Feng Shui.

They use special Mirrors to attract the prosperity 
energies to rooms,  expel poverty/draining energies.
 The best  places exude success and abundance 

More and more people ask Feng shui's experts for advice.

A new way to make money-PPP

January 24, 2008

PPC means pay per click , the new way to earn money is PPP, it means pay per play. whenever someone visit your web site, you will get paid because of the audio advertisement on your web page.
PPP will be lauching on 01-02-2008, you can sign up to earn money soon, to know more details , please go to the link below

please act now.

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Help An na to promote her home-made vegetarian cookies

January 13, 2008

Lunar new year is coming soon, Mdm An na who is a houselife with three kids thinking of selling her home-made vegetorian cookies . She needs to earn some extra income for the three small kids and family.
Her skill of making vegetorian cookies is so good. She put a lot of efforts to make the cookies so tasty that everybody likes to eat.
She usually makes the cookies selling to friends, relatives. Her friend Joyce helps her to find customers, so far two order coming.
Personally I also want to help her. I am thinking how to help her, suddenly i have an idea why not i put a free advertisement for her on this page. I will do my best to help her in this way, i hope it works.
Lunar new year is around the corner, i have to do it now.

Advertisement for new year vegetarian cookies
Retail price/ a bottle
1. Pineapple tart–$15
2. Apricot’s seed biscult–$14
3. Chocolate Apricot’s seed biscult–$15
4. Peanut biscult–$12
5. Green peas biscult–$14
6. Sweet roll–$12
7. Seaweed roll–$15
Closing date for ordering cookies–28-01-2008
If you stay in Singapore and interested on buying or selling An na’s vegetarian cookies, please contact her handphone– 98322821
Note: An na stays in Bukit Batok
I hope your can help her , let her has a happy new year 2008