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Singapore national day’s rally speech

August 17, 2009

Singapore prime minister emphasized again the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

I think this is the timely reminder. Racial and religious harmony is ready critical for Singapore’s development. Among different groups, we show mutual respect to each others. Interaction and mutual understanding is the greater strength for Singapore.


Money is not dirty?

August 16, 2009

Human beings love money because money can do many things for them. We use our hand to receive money from others, not many people immediately go to wash hand. In flat, the money notes and coins are ready dirty.

Money is a form of exchange. money can make people crazy, greedy. Some people earn money through honest way, some are not. Some greedy people do many bad things like stealing, killing just to take the money from others usingĀ  cruel way, they lose the concept of moral.

Money is the tool, if we can get it and use it in proper manner, we will blessed. If not, we will suffer a lot. At the end of the day, some will realize that money can not buy true love.

Living In A Grateful World

November 4, 2007

Today, I read an article which I like to share with you. There is six tips provided.

1. Be grateful to those who have hurt or harmed you, for they have reinforced your determination.

2. Be grateful to those who have deceived you, for they have deepened your insight.

3. Be grateful to those who have hit you, for they have reduced your obstacles.

4. Be grateful to those who have abandoned you, for they have taught you to be independent.

5. Be grateful to those who have made you stumble, for they have strenghthened your ability.

6. Be grateful to those who have denounced you, for they have increased your wisdow and concentration.

So, Be grateful to those who have made you FirmĀ  & Resolute and helped in your achievement.