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My other blogs – blogging experiences

December 19, 2007

I have written some blogs on about doing business, web site, blogging, friendship, etc.

In order for you to easily access to my blogpost site , I put the link below, hope you enjoy reading my short blogs.

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A caring bus captain

December 18, 2007

Yesterday, I took a public bus back home after work, the bus was quite packed. I overheard the bus captain talked to the passenger.

bus captain: Sir, your head blocking the side mirror, can you move in a bit.

Then, the passenger moved in and the bus captain could view the side mirror.

bus captain: safety is very important to passengers, I will not rush. you can see some passengers just do not want to move to the rear even the rear has some space. Thats why the front becomes so packed and i have to drive slowly to ensure the safety of all passenger, life is previous.

I think this bus captain really has a caring heart, his deed needed to be commended. This is the encounter that i share with you, thanks for reading this short blog. 

Celebrating The 80th Birthday Of Thailand’s King

December 6, 2007

1_234828_1_92.jpgTukta is my newly global friend from Thailand, She is 50 years old housewife with a good hushand and two good sons, 16 years old, 13 years old. she stays in Bangkok and has a happy simple life. She likes to make new friends, exchange ideas and doing housework.

She enlightened me by telling me about Thailand’s culture and many things, Yesterday, 05-12-2007 was the 80th birthday of Thailand’s king Bhumibol A dulyaaej. She requested me to write something about the king. I acceded to her request.

Thailand’s king is well respected by Thais, he is a very clever and good king and likes to help the poor. For Tukta, she had been wearing yellow shirt for two years long before the king’s birthday, she said that it is a sign of devotion to the king. whenever the country was in crisis, the king would step in to resolve the crisis and did his best by calling people to stay united.

Yesterday, Hundreds of thousands of people across Thailand was celebrating the 80th birthday of the country’s king. many attending the celebrations wore yellow and shout ” long live the king ”

I wish the country peaceful forever and good health to the king.

If you like to know more about Thailand, you can take a look at the link

My Friend Finally Stops Smoking, Well Done

November 20, 2007

Smoking Caues A Lot Of Diease Like Lung Cancer,Heart diease Etc.My friend was a heavy smoker, he finally quit smoking. He told me that he felt weak in his body and lost the stamina. He does not want his life to be shortened because of smoking as he still has something to accomplish in his life.

I am really happy for his courage, I told him that he should not smoke again if someone offer  him cigarette. It is true that he will slowly regain his strength, his lung power definitely will be strengthened. Of course, I would not smell the bad smell from his month,clothe again.

Everybody knows that nowadays no tobacco advestisements on tv, radio, bus station are allowed. Many countries have already started to warn their citizens the danger of smoking cigarette like lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease. It is important to know that cigarettes contain nicotine, cyanide, they are actually poisons that can get people easily addicted and cost you thousands of dollars a year.

I am really glad to know that my friend really has the will power to stop the bad habit. The wonderful thing is that my friend starts educating the children the danger of smoking and show them how to cultivate the healthy life style instead of just keep on smoking.

My sincere wish to smokers to become non-smokers as soon as possible, stay healthy, free from ”SMOKES”

Welcome Exchange Links

November 18, 2007

Today, I have received a request from Mrloo that he wants to exchange link, that means I will put his blog site address to my blogroll, He will put mine to his blogroll. Immediately, I put his blog site address to my blogroll.

For me, I think thats really good to let more and more people to have a path to read, interact, sharing views. so, thats why I immediately accepted his request.

coolingstar9’s site

Please Love Youself , Do Not Ever Try Illegal Drugs

November 13, 2007

Taking drugs are really detrimental to our body and mind. Drugs contain elements that can get you addicted, you will slowly lose the will power, so Please engage healthy activities, do the right things so that you can have a meaningful life. Once you try the drugs, you will try all means to get it and break the law, your friends will leaving you. You will treat the drugs as your lovers, you will totally lost the concentration on your job and eventually landed in the prison or you might be hanged. The sad thing is that your life will be shortened because of consuming drugs. so, Please love yourself, do not ever try the drugs. Remember you will pay the high price for it.

Comments Are Welcome

November 13, 2007

Since I start blogging from 14-10-2007, I have received 40 over comments on my blogs, I feel very happy because my views or tips can be shared with others. Although my blogs are short, but I believe it is my little effort, I have learnt something since the comments coming, people give good advices, good ideas, all these things are really good experiences for me, I wish I can move forward  and hope that I can try new things to let more and more people interact with me. thanks for all your support.

Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

November 12, 2007

Take note: This tips are not written by coolingstar9 . 5 Tips that I saw om a calendar that  I would like to share with you.

1. Thoughts—Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

2. Words—choose your words, for they become actions.

3. Actions—understand your actions, for they become habits.

4. Habits—study your habits, for they become your character.

5. Character—Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny.

I think this is ready the good tips, we will be able to build up the better relationship with others.  I just simply like to share some good thought over here. Sometimes this thought is my personal thoughts and some are from others like my friends, experts, etc. It ready does not matter the quotes from where, the important thing is to change for the better in our life.  If you like to read more, you are welcome to my other blog site , wish all of you happy, healthy and wealthy. See you soon.

May All Good Things Come To You

November 9, 2007

Today, I have received a Christmas greeting card from a friend. At the bottom part of the card, few words there ” May All Good Things Come To you ” Personally, I find these few words are touching, It is a blessing words that I would like to use whenever sending greeting cards to my friends.

Attitudes Must Be Same Before Or After Marriage

November 7, 2007

The following conversation which I like to share with you, hope it will benefit you some way.

Before marriage

John: Great, my golden day is finally come! I can’t wait any longer!

Mary: Can I regret it?

John: Certainly no, you should not have this kind of thinking at all.

Mary: Do you love me forever?

John: Of course!

Mary: Do you betray me?

John: No, how come you have this kind of thinking?

Mary: Can you kiss me just once?

John: Sure, not only once.

Mary: Will you possibly beat me?

John: It is impossible forever!

Mary: Can I believe you?

After Marriage

Mary: Can I believe you?

John: It is impossible forever!

Mary: Will you possibly beat me?

John: Sure, not just once.

Mary: Can you kiss me just once?

John: No, how come you have this kind of thinking?

Mary: Do you betray me?

John: Of course!

Mary: Do you love me forever?

John: Certainly no, you should not have this kind of thinking.

Mary: Can I regret it?

John: Great, my golden day is finally come! I can’t wait any longer!

You see, the attitudes is totally reversed before and after marriage. we should maintain the same attitudes even after marriage. wish all readers have a nice day.