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Money is not dirty?

August 16, 2009

Human beings love money because money can do many things for them. We use our hand to receive money from others, not many people immediately go to wash hand. In flat, the money notes and coins are ready dirty.

Money is a form of exchange. money can make people crazy, greedy. Some people earn money through honest way, some are not. Some greedy people do many bad things like stealing, killing just to take the money from others usingĀ  cruel way, they lose the concept of moral.

Money is the tool, if we can get it and use it in proper manner, we will blessed. If not, we will suffer a lot. At the end of the day, some will realize that money can not buy true love.



October 11, 2008

Yesterday I met a friend in the shoppig centre. He looked unhappy, I asked himĀ  why. He told me that the unit trust’s price keep on droping.
As you know there was a shocking news that AIG facing some problems, Usa government stepped in to stablize it by injecting more than 700 billion dollars. My friend actually bought the insurance policy { investing in fund, the insurance company is under AIG.
Hearing this, I told him not to panic because market will go through up and down cycle. Since this is a long term investment, he must be patient. After listening my advice, he smiled again.
Actually, investing fund certainly has ” risk ” involved, am I right?