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Obama, you can

January 22, 2009

Obama finally become USA president.  He gives hope not only America but many countries. He gives hope to you and me.

Obama, you are the light, you motivate people . People cry because of your motivation words. Your message to all-yes, I can do it.

You are unique, you want to remake USA. Yes, you can do it. I hope your team can give you 100% support and other party can hug you, selflessly support your motions to make USA the nation that ex-enimies also will salute.

Hope Obama hug all ex-enimies, sit down and have a good talk. I hope we can have a peaceful world now. Let’s wish Obama be the president of wisdom.


Can Obama become next USA President?

February 5, 2008

The answer is for voters to decide.

Obama is likely to be next USA president if the following trend is prevail.

1. If most voters like to have a change of party. If majority of voters do not agree with the Bush ‘s present system and its policies. Then, they are likely to vote for the other party.

2. If Obama can defeat the lady candidate Clinton.

3. If voters vote based on capablity not race, then he has a great chance.

4. Chances are there because voters are willing to vote for any person with capacility, race should not a problem compared to 20 years ago.

Lets closely watch the presidential race.

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February 4, 2008

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Please Love Youself , Do Not Ever Try Illegal Drugs

November 13, 2007

Taking drugs are really detrimental to our body and mind. Drugs contain elements that can get you addicted, you will slowly lose the will power, so Please engage healthy activities, do the right things so that you can have a meaningful life. Once you try the drugs, you will try all means to get it and break the law, your friends will leaving you. You will treat the drugs as your lovers, you will totally lost the concentration on your job and eventually landed in the prison or you might be hanged. The sad thing is that your life will be shortened because of consuming drugs. so, Please love yourself, do not ever try the drugs. Remember you will pay the high price for it.