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Singapore national day’s rally speech

August 17, 2009

Singapore prime minister emphasized again the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

I think this is the timely reminder. Racial and religious harmony is ready critical for Singapore’s development. Among different groups, we show mutual respect to each others. Interaction and mutual understanding is the greater strength for Singapore.


Asia internet congress

December 8, 2008

I had just successfully attended the Asia Internet congress. I learned a lot of things about Internet marketing there. The congress was held at auditorium at SMU building In Singapore.

I saw so many people attended the congress with great passion. Yes, this is the age of Internet world. There is a huge market on line, I can sense it that there are more Internet users day by day especially in ASIA.

This is the great push for all of us in Singapore,  we have to learn it fast to take the new opportunities.

During the breaks, I interacted with all types of people there. I asked The greater Blogger Jaz lai, Alvin Phang. I also talked to EBAY guru Benjamin, Malaysia successful internet marketer Patrick chan and many more. What I observed was that all these successful people, they were ready different. They know the Internet marketing knowledge yet they were so selfless in sharing it out.

I advise all of you to learn something new especially the Internet marketing. I believe all of you can do it.

Remember that learn with passion plus put it into action, then you will be the next Internet guru just like them.

I am telling you the secret, the next guru is coolingstar9. You will see me  on stage soon.

Let’s cheer up, do you want to be successful in life, please read my next post, I will share with you my new journey, thanks for reading.

Today, i visit Quan yi fong’s blog

January 12, 2008
  1. Today, i surf internet and happen to see Quan yi fong’s blog site. I read her blogs and find her blogs very interesting, her Chinese language is very good.

It is very interesting to visit quan’s blog site, very colourful page. She wrote about her personnal  encounter in her life.

About the recent incident, many fans love her so much by advising quan yi fong to forget the incident and go forward, many people like her because she is a host with lots of talent. She can interact with guests, audience well. I also enjoying her show in T.V. It is good for her to have no negative news as it will affect her career and make her fans and supporters sad.

Personnaly, i wish she has a bright career and continue to perform well in the variety show.

Let pray for her to be cool at all times.

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