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Singapore national day’s rally speech

August 17, 2009

Singapore prime minister emphasized again the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

I think this is the timely reminder. Racial and religious harmony is ready critical for Singapore’s development. Among different groups, we show mutual respect to each others. Interaction and mutual understanding is the greater strength for Singapore.


Singapore blogger

August 9, 2009

How many Singapore blogger in Singapore? I think  Singapore now has more blogger than before.  What is the likely reasons that so many Singapore blogger now. It is because Singaporeans mostly have computer at home. Students need to study or do projects using computer. It is very easy to access computer like libraries. We apply freely to access the internet in areas like libraries, some designated public places.  If we ready do not have computer, we still can go to internet cafe, libraries, the fees are quite cheap also.

In summary, more computer class available and free access to internet using  own laptop in libraries.  Almost every house have computer, they can do homework using computer. Singapore newspaper also had introduced how to blog using free blog site like Word press and blogger in simple steps.  The government also encouraged citizens to learn about the usage of computer. All these tell us that why Singapore blogger become more and more.

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Asia internet congress

December 8, 2008

I had just successfully attended the Asia Internet congress. I learned a lot of things about Internet marketing there. The congress was held at auditorium at SMU building In Singapore.

I saw so many people attended the congress with great passion. Yes, this is the age of Internet world. There is a huge market on line, I can sense it that there are more Internet users day by day especially in ASIA.

This is the great push for all of us in Singapore,  we have to learn it fast to take the new opportunities.

During the breaks, I interacted with all types of people there. I asked The greater Blogger Jaz lai, Alvin Phang. I also talked to EBAY guru Benjamin, Malaysia successful internet marketer Patrick chan and many more. What I observed was that all these successful people, they were ready different. They know the Internet marketing knowledge yet they were so selfless in sharing it out.

I advise all of you to learn something new especially the Internet marketing. I believe all of you can do it.

Remember that learn with passion plus put it into action, then you will be the next Internet guru just like them.

I am telling you the secret, the next guru is coolingstar9. You will see me  on stage soon.

Let’s cheer up, do you want to be successful in life, please read my next post, I will share with you my new journey, thanks for reading.

Do it now

October 25, 2008

Alice is a 60 years old lady, she said that she always angry with many things in life. I told her that let’s go, empty your unnecessary worries.
She told me: ” I can not change it, I simply hot-templed, it is like a mountain.”
I told her : ” be more positive, you need to change it now.”
Alice said :” I think I will change when I retired from work.”
I told her :” You want to do good things, you should not wait any longer, you should start doing good things now, life is ready short.”
Alice:” Thanks, I will change it now..”
My friends, If we want to change for good, we should not wait any longer, do it now.


October 11, 2008

Yesterday I met a friend in the shoppig centre. He looked unhappy, I asked him  why. He told me that the unit trust’s price keep on droping.
As you know there was a shocking news that AIG facing some problems, Usa government stepped in to stablize it by injecting more than 700 billion dollars. My friend actually bought the insurance policy { investing in fund, the insurance company is under AIG.
Hearing this, I told him not to panic because market will go through up and down cycle. Since this is a long term investment, he must be patient. After listening my advice, he smiled again.
Actually, investing fund certainly has ” risk ” involved, am I right?

life is unpreditable

October 4, 2008

When I was in primary one, I used to go my neighbour’s house to play seek and hide game. I had fewe playmates, oneday, One of the playmates died because of high fever. I was very sad, he was just 8 years old.

Few years ago, my workmate about 25 years old who also died because he was trying to save a man in the river. He himself pulled away by big waves. He had a lot of goals but….

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F1 Race

September 28, 2008

Today is the F1 Race, this is the first ” night race ” in F1 history. Singapore needed only ten months to prepare for the race, this is really a great acheivement.

I can see the F1 Race on TV.  Wow, this is really exciting to watch it. This is really a successful race.

Tainted milk

September 28, 2008

Recently, We read news about tainted milk, some babies have died because of drinking it, many having stones in the kidney.

This is the awaking call to all people in the world. We should not just want to profit more and add anything we like in the milk. We should have a human heart to ensure health is not compromised.

I believe all countries will intensify the quality control well, I hope this type of incidents would not happen again.

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Can coolingstar9 become popular blogger like xiaxue?

May 18, 2008

My friend asked me: can you become a popular blogger like xiaxue.  I told him that was unlikely. He further asked me why not.

I told him that I was a very low profile person. He laughed and I also laughed.

Can Obama become next USA President?

February 5, 2008

The answer is for voters to decide.

Obama is likely to be next USA president if the following trend is prevail.

1. If most voters like to have a change of party. If majority of voters do not agree with the Bush ‘s present system and its policies. Then, they are likely to vote for the other party.

2. If Obama can defeat the lady candidate Clinton.

3. If voters vote based on capablity not race, then he has a great chance.

4. Chances are there because voters are willing to vote for any person with capacility, race should not a problem compared to 20 years ago.

Lets closely watch the presidential race.

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