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Singapore national day’s rally speech

August 17, 2009

Singapore prime minister emphasized again the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

I think this is the timely reminder. Racial and religious harmony is ready critical for Singapore’s development. Among different groups, we show mutual respect to each others. Interaction and mutual understanding is the greater strength for Singapore.


Singapore blogger

August 9, 2009

How many Singapore blogger in Singapore? I think  Singapore now has more blogger than before.  What is the likely reasons that so many Singapore blogger now. It is because Singaporeans mostly have computer at home. Students need to study or do projects using computer. It is very easy to access computer like libraries. We apply freely to access the internet in areas like libraries, some designated public places.  If we ready do not have computer, we still can go to internet cafe, libraries, the fees are quite cheap also.

In summary, more computer class available and free access to internet using  own laptop in libraries.  Almost every house have computer, they can do homework using computer. Singapore newspaper also had introduced how to blog using free blog site like Word press and blogger in simple steps.  The government also encouraged citizens to learn about the usage of computer. All these tell us that why Singapore blogger become more and more.

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Singapore national day 2009

August 8, 2009

Singapore national day is coming any moment. I feel extremely excited because I am going to see the national day parade soon.

This is the great day for all Singaporeans whether we are Indians, Malay, Chinese or any races. We all united to have the wonderful moment.

Let’s us unite together to make Singapore the better place to live in. As we can see many Singapore flags all around Singapore, in all HDB flats, most of the houses.