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Singapore national day’s rally speech

August 17, 2009

Singapore prime minister emphasized again the importance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

I think this is the timely reminder. Racial and religious harmony is ready critical for Singapore’s development. Among different groups, we show mutual respect to each others. Interaction and mutual understanding is the greater strength for Singapore.


F1 Race

September 28, 2008

Today is the F1 Race, this is the first ” night race ” in F1 history. Singapore needed only ten months to prepare for the race, this is really a great acheivement.

I can see the F1 Race on TV.  Wow, this is really exciting to watch it. This is really a successful race.

Can coolingstar9 become popular blogger like xiaxue?

May 18, 2008

My friend asked me: can you become a popular blogger like xiaxue.  I told him that was unlikely. He further asked me why not.

I told him that I was a very low profile person. He laughed and I also laughed.

More web site link to my blog site

February 4, 2008

Recently, i found that quite many web site link to my blog site.

Some web/blog site also using the blogs/articles here, i feel happy for that, this is also my hope.

I really welcome people enjoying reading all my blogs.

Some web site compliment me as follows:


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xia xue

January 19, 2008

Today, i read the local newspaper that xia xue had clarified that she had no intention of becoming a man.

The previous post she gave people impression that she wanted to become a man.

I think it is her new strategy to attract more attention from readers as she had quite sometimes never write blogs.

Can we bloggers follow her footstep or learn from her techniques?

There is no answer for that, it is up to individual. One thing is sure that we are totally responsible for what we do in whatever way.

In order to know more about her, i go to the following link

It provides some information.

xiaxue and steven Lim

January 11, 2008

Recently I saw a video about xiaxue and steven. They are two of the most popular bloggers in Asia.

During the encounter in the show, both of them accusing each others. They seem like not agree with each others’ style.

I hope they can work together, can this dream  come true ?.

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