Money is not dirty?

August 16, 2009

Human beings love money because money can do many things for them. We use our hand to receive money from others, not many people immediately go to wash hand. In flat, the money notes and coins are ready dirty.

Money is a form of exchange. money can make people crazy, greedy. Some people earn money through honest way, some are not. Some greedy people do many bad things like stealing, killing just to take the money from others using  cruel way, they lose the concept of moral.

Money is the tool, if we can get it and use it in proper manner, we will blessed. If not, we will suffer a lot. At the end of the day, some will realize that money can not buy true love.


Taiwan typhoon

August 16, 2009

This whole week I can hear  news about Taiwan typhoon. This is the sad news for Taiwan people. A man lost his family members and relative total about 40 person. The administration   failing to recognize in time the scale of the crisis because mudslides damaged hundreds of villages.  The official death toll  could jump to 500, with hundreds feared buried beneath the rubble.   The rescue operation nearly doubled ,100,000 troops  cross   rivers and  bridges to reach victims. The government is now putting more efforts to help typhoon victims who have been without food and water for a week .  Weeping relatives set up  shrines  to honor  the souls of the dead return home after seven days.

“Grandpa, grandma, father, mother, why did you leave me all alone?” a young woman cried as she was knelt on the ground in Hsiaolin, saying she lost 44 relatives in the mudslides. Mourners laid out slippers, poured rice wine and burned paper money to comfort the dead. “My little girl, do you hear mummy calling you? Mummy’s missing you!” a woman wailed outside the flattened village in footage broadcast on private cable news channel ETTV.  Chinese action star Jet Li, who helped comfort survivors and unload supplies at a relief center in Kaohsiung county. “It will get better. Everybody is working very hard. We should have more understanding and give more encouragement,” Li told reporters, sporting a Red Cross cap.  Hong Kong actor Andy Lau joined other celebrities in answering phones as two Friday night televised fundraisers brought in more than NT$1.1 billion to aid typhoon victims. China has donated US$16 million while Hong Kong has donated US$6.4 million.  The international community has donated more than US$2 million while the Vatican contributed US$50,000 and Pope Benedict XVI offered his prayers for the victims. Morakot was the worst-ever typhoon to strike Taiwan, the president said on Friday, saying the scale of the damage was more severe than a 1959 typhoon that killed 667 people and left around 1,000 missing.

How to make more babies?

August 14, 2009

Singapore mentor minister said that Singapore need more immigrants because of less babies produced.

So, how to make more babies? I think the couples must change their mindset.

1. Set up family early

Please do not wait any longer.

2. Have the desire to have more babies

They must have the desire to have babies, babies can bring them joy.

3. Do not always think of money, money.

Although money is important but it should not deter anyone for marrying.

Singapore blogger

August 9, 2009

How many Singapore blogger in Singapore? I think  Singapore now has more blogger than before.  What is the likely reasons that so many Singapore blogger now. It is because Singaporeans mostly have computer at home. Students need to study or do projects using computer. It is very easy to access computer like libraries. We apply freely to access the internet in areas like libraries, some designated public places.  If we ready do not have computer, we still can go to internet cafe, libraries, the fees are quite cheap also.

In summary, more computer class available and free access to internet using  own laptop in libraries.  Almost every house have computer, they can do homework using computer. Singapore newspaper also had introduced how to blog using free blog site like Word press and blogger in simple steps.  The government also encouraged citizens to learn about the usage of computer. All these tell us that why Singapore blogger become more and more.

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Singapore national day 2009

August 8, 2009

Singapore national day is coming any moment. I feel extremely excited because I am going to see the national day parade soon.

This is the great day for all Singaporeans whether we are Indians, Malay, Chinese or any races. We all united to have the wonderful moment.

Let’s us unite together to make Singapore the better place to live in. As we can see many Singapore flags all around Singapore, in all HDB flats, most of the houses.

Obama, you can

January 22, 2009

Obama finally become USA president.  He gives hope not only America but many countries. He gives hope to you and me.

Obama, you are the light, you motivate people . People cry because of your motivation words. Your message to all-yes, I can do it.

You are unique, you want to remake USA. Yes, you can do it. I hope your team can give you 100% support and other party can hug you, selflessly support your motions to make USA the nation that ex-enimies also will salute.

Hope Obama hug all ex-enimies, sit down and have a good talk. I hope we can have a peaceful world now. Let’s wish Obama be the president of wisdom.

Feng shui is wind and water

January 12, 2009
Feng Shui [ wind and water] is the environment that 
surround us.. It involves  subtle energy. Expert use 
 the compass to find out the location whether good 
or bad to you..Any  prosperity Energies and Spiritual
 Energies surround the places ? Experts need to 
check  different objects and room formations to find
 out their energies.   To have  the best direction in the
 workplace.  Sometimes they need to use the proper  
drawings, colors and ornaments to put it on the walls.  
 It is good  to integrate the Mind and Space to quickly 
materialize the benefits of Feng Shui.

They use special Mirrors to attract the prosperity 
energies to rooms,  expel poverty/draining energies.
 The best  places exude success and abundance 

More and more people ask Feng shui's experts for advice.

Asia internet congress

December 8, 2008

I had just successfully attended the Asia Internet congress. I learned a lot of things about Internet marketing there. The congress was held at auditorium at SMU building In Singapore.

I saw so many people attended the congress with great passion. Yes, this is the age of Internet world. There is a huge market on line, I can sense it that there are more Internet users day by day especially in ASIA.

This is the great push for all of us in Singapore,  we have to learn it fast to take the new opportunities.

During the breaks, I interacted with all types of people there. I asked The greater Blogger Jaz lai, Alvin Phang. I also talked to EBAY guru Benjamin, Malaysia successful internet marketer Patrick chan and many more. What I observed was that all these successful people, they were ready different. They know the Internet marketing knowledge yet they were so selfless in sharing it out.

I advise all of you to learn something new especially the Internet marketing. I believe all of you can do it.

Remember that learn with passion plus put it into action, then you will be the next Internet guru just like them.

I am telling you the secret, the next guru is coolingstar9. You will see me  on stage soon.

Let’s cheer up, do you want to be successful in life, please read my next post, I will share with you my new journey, thanks for reading.

White tiger play with him

November 22, 2008

I am a white tiger in the singapore zoo. last week, I and my two white tiger saw a man crossing water towards us.

We are all very excited because we had never seen stranger come to us like that. We thought this is the free gift ( big human body ) for us to play.

We treat him like a toy. We gave him a big hug using our paw and teeth. The man never welcome this move. We just simply joyful playing with him.

I did not want to let him go, unluckily he was so fragile. After a while, some one took away him. we never see him again.

This is imagination only.

Search engine optimization software

November 20, 2008

Yesterday a blogging friend Ali asked me why his blogsite had no visitors. After having some conversation with him, I knew what was the reasons.


1. He never visit other site and comment.

2. He never put tags and categories on his posts.

I told him:” Based on my experiences, you should visit other blog site and drop comments on their posts, they will visit you.”

He further asked me how about search engine optimization software. I told him that he needed not buy it at this moment because he blogs only for fun .

We should learn search engine software if we want to make money on line. He asked me how about adword. . For adword, if we have a web site selling products eg. clickbank,etc.

For me, I am very interested about search engine optimization software. Today,  I surf the internet by typing ” SEO software and come to the site” “. It mentions that they have many good search engine optimization software. I will decide later. The good news is that my friend Joyce just give me a ticket. I am going to attend Asia Internet congress on 5th, 6th, 7th Dec at Singapore management university.