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Tibet and Olympic

April 24, 2008

Before olympic torch relay, there was some protests about seeking independance. After that, some one destroyed shops, damaging property.  Legally, Tibet is part of China, so, China needed to maintain order as the responsibility. There was some death and injury, the government claimed few policeman and some people killed by rioters.

After that, Torch relay started,  Tibet supporters tried to disturb the events by taking away the torch. Media coverage about the events suddenly increased. A handicapped sports lady  did her very best to protect the torch.

The news angered china people across the world. They expressed strongly about the inaccurate reports about Tibet and olympic. They wrote blogs and condemned Western media’ biased views.

From Mid of April,  Some china people calling people to bycott France’s products.

The situation can become worse, if nobody stop the trend. Now, China and France is going to sit down to solve the problems.

Lets hope the world can be peaceful forever, do not let the history repeat again.