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Today, i visit Quan yi fong’s blog

January 12, 2008
  1. Today, i surf internet and happen to see Quan yi fong’s blog site. I read her blogs and find her blogs very interesting, her Chinese language is very good.

It is very interesting to visit quan’s blog site, very colourful page. She wrote about her personnal  encounter in her life.

About the recent incident, many fans love her so much by advising quan yi fong to forget the incident and go forward, many people like her because she is a host with lots of talent. She can interact with guests, audience well. I also enjoying her show in T.V. It is good for her to have no negative news as it will affect her career and make her fans and supporters sad.

Personnaly, i wish she has a bright career and continue to perform well in the variety show.

Let pray for her to be cool at all times.

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