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My Friend Finally Stops Smoking, Well Done

November 20, 2007

Smoking Caues A Lot Of Diease Like Lung Cancer,Heart diease Etc.My friend was a heavy smoker, he finally quit smoking. He told me that he felt weak in his body and lost the stamina. He does not want his life to be shortened because of smoking as he still has something to accomplish in his life.

I am really happy for his courage, I told him that he should not smoke again if someone offer  him cigarette. It is true that he will slowly regain his strength, his lung power definitely will be strengthened. Of course, I would not smell the bad smell from his month,clothe again.

Everybody knows that nowadays no tobacco advestisements on tv, radio, bus station are allowed. Many countries have already started to warn their citizens the danger of smoking cigarette like lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease. It is important to know that cigarettes contain nicotine, cyanide, they are actually poisons that can get people easily addicted and cost you thousands of dollars a year.

I am really glad to know that my friend really has the will power to stop the bad habit. The wonderful thing is that my friend starts educating the children the danger of smoking and show them how to cultivate the healthy life style instead of just keep on smoking.

My sincere wish to smokers to become non-smokers as soon as possible, stay healthy, free from ”SMOKES”