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Celebrating The 80th Birthday Of Thailand’s King

December 6, 2007

1_234828_1_92.jpgTukta is my newly global friend from Thailand, She is 50 years old housewife with a good hushand and two good sons, 16 years old, 13 years old. she stays in Bangkok and has a happy simple life. She likes to make new friends, exchange ideas and doing housework.

She¬†enlightened me by telling me about Thailand’s culture and many things, Yesterday, 05-12-2007 was the 80th birthday of Thailand’s king Bhumibol A dulyaaej. She requested me to write something about the king. I acceded to her request.

Thailand’s king is well respected by Thais, he is a very clever and good king and likes to help the poor. For Tukta, she had been wearing yellow shirt for two years long before the king’s birthday, she said that it is a sign of devotion to the king. whenever the country was in crisis, the king would step in to resolve the crisis and did his best by calling people to stay united.

Yesterday, Hundreds of thousands of people across Thailand was celebrating the 80th birthday of the country’s king. many attending the celebrations wore yellow and shout ” long live the king ”

I wish the country peaceful forever and good health to the king.

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