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Help Burma

May 6, 2008

Last Saturday was an unlucky and sad day for Burma,  cyclone hit Burma badly. According to the news, more than 60000 people had died and hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

Many countries also feeling sad and willing to help Burma because they do not want the Cyclone victims suffer further without food, water, shelter.

Countries that willing to help including the following:

China:  government give us$500,000 in cash and materials worth us$500,000.

Japan:  provide 28 million yen worth of emergency aid.

Thailand: provide us$400,000 worth of food, drinking water and medical supplies.

And many more from Asean, India, United nations, Red cross, World vision, Australa, European commission,  U.S.A, Canada, Germany, etc.  Many private organization also participate to raise funds for cyclone victims.

Lets wish Burma can back to normal soon.