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Feng shui is wind and water

January 12, 2009
Feng Shui [ wind and water] is the environment that 
surround us.. It involves  subtle energy. Expert use 
 the compass to find out the location whether good 
or bad to you..Any  prosperity Energies and Spiritual
 Energies surround the places ? Experts need to 
check  different objects and room formations to find
 out their energies.   To have  the best direction in the
 workplace.  Sometimes they need to use the proper  
drawings, colors and ornaments to put it on the walls.  
 It is good  to integrate the Mind and Space to quickly 
materialize the benefits of Feng Shui.

They use special Mirrors to attract the prosperity 
energies to rooms,  expel poverty/draining energies.
 The best  places exude success and abundance 

More and more people ask Feng shui's experts for advice.