Singapore fake news law how affect opposition

May 13, 2019

Singapore fake news law how affect Singapore opposition. I think this answer can only answered by opposition.

Singapore minister got the authority to decide to take down posts that they claim. It fake news. The punishment can be jail terms up to ten years or fined many thiusthou dollars. If rich man committed this,he got money to pay. If no money then too bad.

It is ready not worth but if opposition just keep quiet,then how to win.

In order to avoid to be penalized, they must not anyhow talk.

1.Do not accuse government people corruption during rallies or on Facebook, Twitter.  If u ready got evidence,then just report to corruption investigation office.

2. Do not anyhow give figures on assumption.

3. Do not personal attack on someone .

4. Do not talk sensitive issues.


Singapore general election 2019

May 7, 2019

Singapore general election is coming soon might be year 2019.

Tan Cheng Bock will win. Kim Tean and Cheese soon chuan can win also

How to get your site on first page of Google?

August 27, 2013

How to get your site on first page of Google? If you want your site appear on the first page of Google , you need to study the words and phrase that web users like to search. For example, I had written the words ” Singapore general election 2011″, at that time my site appeared on the first page of Google for few months. This was the words and phrase that were popular at that time. And the People came to my site greatly increased because it appeared on the first page of Google.  To know what are the popular words or trends, you can see the AdWords  trend, Google AdWords can tell you what search queries users search for, how many searches are performed on those words and how much competition there is for that search phrase. Understanding these search phrases is important to learning how to get on the first page of Google.Write unique words or phrases that match the search queries exactly. If you offer a local service or business, include the regional information in the phrase – for example, “car repair Newark.” The words have to be located together on the same page of the site; Google searches pages only when looking for phrases, not whole websites. They also should be in the exact order, although punctuation marks between words are acceptable. Put relevant information in title and meta tags. The contents of the title tag show up in the first line of a search result. The meta tag should be different for each page.Use descriptive and valid URLS for each page of the website. Give the pages names that tell search engines and users what they are instead of using generic names like “page1.” Submit your website’s URL and sitemap to Google. Google uses the sitemap to find out more about the structure of the site. An XML Sitemap can be submitted to Google through its webmaster tools section. Get linked to other sites. Google uses PageRank to determine a website’s importance based on how many other pages link to it. Find websites related to yours to offer reciprocal links. Look for linkback opportunities in blogs, articles and local directories. Create a listing with a detailed business profile on Google searches the business profiles on this website. Add the physical location of your business to Google maps, if applicable. Businesses listed in Google Maps are displayed first when a user enters a regional search phrase. It’s easy to add a listing; simply login to the Google account and fill out the online forms.  But if you willing to spend some money, you can advertise your web site on Adwords Advertising, this is the leading on line advertising  format, your web site can be appeared on first page if you willing to pay the high bid. If not, you have to acquire the knowledge. For those who have attend SEO course by Google team, they are the experts on ” How to get your site on first page of Google “, of course you have to pay the learning fees for that. otherwise you can just type this phrase ” How to get your site on first page of Google? “, you need sometimes to absorb and digest it, so again it ready need your hard work if you ready want to be successful. Before you go further, let’s have some knowledge first.

Step 1 – Research Keywords When you have something of use to people, you’ll need keywords to bring them  to your website. Your keyword can be one word, many words or phrases. Multiple  words and phrases do best because they are more specific, which is pleasing to  potential customers because they can find you easier this way. Keywords also  help in giving you better search engine rankings. Now, you’ll need to brainstorm about your keywords; think of alternative  keywords too. Have a list of about 30 keywords/phrases. Pick out two keyword  phrases you believe are searched the most. Remember, the more competition you  have, the harder you need to work to make it in the top 10 for search engine  results. This means you need to choose two keyword phrases that are relevant to  your business and are not used near as often. Step 2 – Web Copy The text you see on websites is called web copy. For that reason, you’ll need  to strategically place your keywords/phrases on the web page in order to  convince the search engines that your material is highly relevant. Bear in mind  that your customers still need to come first. Here are five ways you can improve  search engine rankings with your keywords: – Place keyword in headings – Keywords need to be at the page’s top –  Bold keywords when needed – Don’t have links that guide readers to other  pages, just reword content with keywords. – Keywords should be an HTML title  tags; do this yourself or have someone else do it Once you’re done, add new content that includes current descriptions and  other information on your products/services. If you can’t write or don’t have  time, use article directories that can give you these for free. Remember…  pictures are nice but search engines can only read text. Step 3 – Linking When websites have links, it will drastically improve search engine rankings.  The reason for this is that bots will see the amount of links and determine its  popularity. Still, it’s the quality of the links and not the amount of links  that makes a difference. Make sure the other website links are pertinent to your  website content. Go through the different websites that are relevant to you so  you get guaranteed search engine rankings; write letters, describing in details  how their visitors could benefit from knowing your business and request they  generate a link back to your site. Now you’ll need to monitor the rankings by typing in the chosen keywords. If  you find that you’re lacking, make changes to improve search engine rankings.  Always keep the site updated and increase how many links you have back to your  site. As you get better search engine rankings, you’ll see an increase in  traffic, which should eventually turn into sales.
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Article Source: Article Source: Let’s learn further…Google’s search engine,, uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the results. Their exact formula is a secret, but there are a few things you can do to improve your positioning. The term for this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These tips may not make your website the first one to appear in the list, but they just may help you move up a little. No matter what you do, make sure you make a site that you want to visit. If you’re gaming the system, sooner or later Google will figure it out and change their formula. You’ll end up plummeting in the search results and wonder why. Ignore spam and websites that offer to submit your website to hundreds of search engines. At best these are wastes of time or money and at worst they can actually hurt your ranking.

Keyword Phrases

Rather than focusing on a single word, try adding a few words to make a keyword phrase. You may want to read about effective Google searches to see how keyword phrases help with searches. Don’t overdo it. If it looks spammy, it probably is. If you were searching for your own website, what keyword phrase would you type into Google for each page? Would you look for super fast widgets? Would you look for cooking with widgets? It may be helpful to get a different perspective. Ask someone else to read your page and suggest what they think your keyword phrase might be. You can also check Google Trends to see if one phrase is starting to gain popularity.Try to stick to one subject per page, and stick to one keyword phrase per page. That doesn’t mean you should write stilted text or use odd phrases. Clear writing is both easier to search and easier to read.


One of the things Google looks for when it catalogs pages is the density of the keyword usage. In other words, how often the keyword occurs. Use natural phrasing. Don’t try to trick the search engine by repeating the same word over and over or making text “invisible.” It doesn’t work. In fact, some of that behavior even get your website banned. Read more: Google Dont’s – Bad Tips and Dirty Tricks That Will Get You Banned.  Give a strong opening paragraph that says what your page is actually about. This is just good practice, but it may help search engines find your page, too.

How to live happily?

August 6, 2013

We can live happily if our mind set is healthy. How to have the healthy mind? At first, you must adopt the attitude that adjusting our mindset is necessary. Many people who continue to have unhappiness because they do not want to change. Remember our mindset is the one who lead us to happiness or not.

Firstly, We have to adopt these; Contended-you have to feel contented and stop the greedy mind set. Giving what you can give, helping others will make you happiness and our body will create something good for us. That means helping others can lead us to happiness. Secondly, do all the good deeds so that our mind can be in the positive positive position, adopt the non-violent attitude towards others including all helpless animals, being kind and no cruelty will make us peaceful. Why we should harm those animals who can feel the pain just like us. For this part, it is so good to adopt the Buddha way of compassion- no killing of all kinds. Thirdly, we have to stay cool and be patient without any hatred at all time. If we adopt this attitude, it will become our natural habit and is good for us the whole life. Fourthly, for all the good deeds, we must ready do it with smile. Fifthly, We have to have the ” meditated mind “, always remain cool if facing all kind of obstacles. Sixthly, having wisdom is the key point can can lead us to true happiness, so that we can keep the distance from the current confused and polluted environment and still can maintain the unshaken will,

Ah Boys To Men

November 19, 2012

Ah Boys To Men: Part 1 (2D) breaks record already

‎1hr 53min‎‎ – Rated PG13‎‎ – Comedy/Drama‎‎ – Chinese‎

Director: Jack Neo – Cast: Richard Low, Irene Ang, Roy Loi, Wang Lei, Jacky Chin


Level 4 Junction 8 Shopping Central, 9 Bishan Place, Singapore

11:00‎  ‎11:50‎  ‎13:40‎  ‎14:20‎  ‎16:05‎  ‎16:45‎  ‎18:30‎  ‎19:10‎  ‎20:30‎  ‎20:55‎  ‎21:35‎

Level 4, AMK Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore

10:20‎  ‎11:00‎  ‎11:25‎  ‎12:40‎  ‎13:20‎  ‎13:45‎  ‎15:00‎  ‎15:40‎  ‎16:05‎  ‎17:20‎  ‎18:00‎  ‎18:25‎  ‎19:40‎  ‎20:20‎  ‎20:45‎  ‎22:00‎  ‎22:40‎  ‎23:05‎

350 Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor, Shaw House, Singapore

10:00‎  ‎12:20‎  ‎14:40‎  ‎17:00‎  ‎19:20‎  ‎21:40‎

Levels 4, 5 and 6, Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, Singapore

11:00‎  ‎12:50‎  ‎13:40‎  ‎14:50‎  ‎16:00‎  ‎17:10‎  ‎18:20‎  ‎19:30‎  ‎20:40‎  ‎21:50‎  ‎23:00‎  ‎01:20‎

Level 7 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore

11:00‎  ‎12:40‎  ‎13:35‎  ‎15:15‎  ‎16:10‎  ‎18:00‎  ‎18:45‎  ‎19:20‎  ‎20:40‎  ‎21:20‎

Level 5 and 6, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore

12:20‎  ‎14:35‎  ‎16:00‎  ‎18:40‎  ‎19:30‎  ‎21:00‎  ‎21:45‎

Level 3 Great World City Shopping Centre, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore

11:15‎  ‎13:50‎  ‎16:25‎  ‎18:45‎  ‎21:35‎

Level 5 Iluma, Bugis 201 Victoria Street, Singapore

12:20‎  ‎14:40‎  ‎17:00‎  ‎19:20‎  ‎21:45‎

200 Victoria Street, #04-02, Bugis Junction, Singapore

10:00‎  ‎12:20‎  ‎14:40‎  ‎17:00‎  ‎19:20‎  ‎21:40‎

Level 4 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore

11:40‎  ‎12:35‎  ‎13:15‎  ‎14:05‎  ‎14:50‎  ‎15:40‎  ‎16:30‎  ‎17:30‎  ‎18:05‎  ‎19:00‎  ‎20:30‎  ‎21:45‎

Level 3 Marina Leisureplex, 5A Raffles Avenue, Singapore

11:40‎  ‎12:40‎  ‎14:10‎  ‎15:30‎  ‎16:40‎  ‎18:15‎  ‎19:10‎  ‎20:40‎  ‎21:40‎

Leisure Park Kallang, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore


51 Yishun Central 1, Singapore

13:30‎  ‎14:30‎  ‎16:00‎  ‎16:55‎  ‎18:40‎  ‎19:20‎  ‎21:05‎  ‎21:45‎

Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall, Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, 5th/6th Floor, Singapore

10:15‎  ‎12:30‎  ‎14:45‎  ‎17:00‎  ‎19:15‎  ‎21:30‎

Level 2 and 3 Vivocity, 1 HarbourFront Walk

11:40‎  ‎12:30‎  ‎14:15‎  ‎15:15‎  ‎16:50‎  ‎19:25‎  ‎22:00‎

Level 2 and 3 Vivocity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore

13:15‎  ‎16:00‎  ‎18:45‎  ‎21:30‎


Ah Boys To Men-Singapore popular movie, Please watch it and enjoy.


Singapore director Jack Neo’s latest offering “Ah Boys to Men” traces the journey of spoilt teenager Ken Chow (Joshua Tan) as he goes through his Basic Military Training (BMT) in the army, and forms deep bonds with his colourful fellow recruits along the way.

The coming-of-age film will bring back a lot of memories for the generations of Singaporean men who have completed their National Service.

It covers many of the most memorable aspects of BMT like the loud, abusive instructors who scream expletives at the recruits, the key training activities like the long route marches and the dreaded “Stand By Bed” inspection where every inch of a recruit’s bunk is scrutinised by the instructors for cleanliness, with pushups and tongue-lashings the punishment for those who fail it.

However, what sets “Ah Boys to Men” apart from similarly-themed films is Neo’s exploration of the many perennial issues recruits and their loved ones face while in BMT, through the exploits of the film’s characters.

When Chow gets an injury over the course of his training, Neo not only considers Chow’s thoughts on the matter, but also puts a spotlight on his parents and what goes through their mind, when training accidents happen.

Through Chow’s break up with his girlfriend, Neo also looks at the fallout that follows when recruits lose their girlfriends because they can longer spend much time with them.

To his credit, Neo manages to keep the mood relatively light throughout “Ah Boys to Men” with generous doses of humour, even though it contains some thought-provoking themes, and wraps everything up into an enjoyable package which resonates with viewers of both genders.

Still, “Ah Boys to Men” is not without its flaws. Sell, sell sell

While it showcases Neo’s knack for building a rapport with his audience, “Ah Boys to Men” also shows Neo’s awkward handling of product placement.

Yes, the ubiquitous product placements are back!

From barbequed pork to auditing services, Neo’s new film plugs them all.

One particularly jarring sequence springs to mind.

Chow is standing on a bridge in the rain after his girlfriend breaks up with him and rides off in another man’s car.

Suddenly, three cyclists in raincoats emblazoned with the name of one of the film’s sponsors come along, tell him not to be too upset, and give him an identical raincoat.

The rather strange scene ends with Chow wearing the raincoat and leaving the bridge.

The good news is, unlike his previous film “We Not Naughty”, Neo appears to have put a lot more effort into making them a part of the film’s storyline, though there are still quite a few product placement sequences that simply look out of place.

The characters in “Ah Boys to Men” are also a little under-developed.

While the cast of young actors turn in a good performance, their characters are simply not fleshed out well enough, with some of them stuck as two-dimensional, walking stereotypes throughout the film.

Perhaps the film’s second part, which will hit cinemas during the Lunar New Year period next year, will serve to shed light on their motivations and make them more nuanced characters.“Ah Boys to Men” is now showing.


Genre: Drama/Action

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Noah Yap, Wang Weiliang, Richard Low, Irene Ang, Roy Li, Wang Lei, Aizuddin Nasser, Alvin Richard, Charlie Goh, Daniel Ang, Feng Wenna, Hanrey Low, Janson Lim, Luke Lee, Ridhwan Azman, Jacky Chin, Justin Dominic Misson

RunTime: 1 hr 53 mins

Rating: PG13

Released By:  Golden Village Pictures & Clover Films

Official Website:


Opening Day: 8 November 2012


Synopsis:  In commemoration of Singapore’s 45th year of National Service, renowned homegrown director Jack Neo returns with a S$3million production – Ah Boys To Men. The movie stars local veteran actor Richard Low, well-known actress/comedienne Irene Ang, celebrated musician Roy Li and actors Wang Lei and Jacky. On top of these familiar faces, Jack Neo also introduces fresh faces to the cast lineup, including famous bloggers Mr Brown, Qiu QIu and Tosh. In conjunction with the NS45 campaign “From Fathers To Sons”, the movie shares how youngsters now step out of their comfort zone and learn the importance of protecting their country. Ah Boys To Men is sure to bring back memories for Singaporean men who have previously served National Service and at the same time, interest young boys who have yet to join the army.

Movie Review:

Love it or hate it – National Service (NS) is an indelible part of the Singapore identity, and what better way on this forty-fifth anniversary of NS to celebrate the special place that it has in every Singaporean than to make a movie about it. So Jack Neo has done just that, embarking on his most ambitious (and certainly his most expensive) film ever that attempts to tell an NS story able to resonate with both the younger and the older generation who have been through that life-changing experience.

‘Ah Boys to Men’ is the name of Neo’s film, split into two parts after the filmmaker realised that he just had too much material to fit into one single movie. In this first-parter, Neo largely focuses on overcoming the psychological barrier that accompanies every new recruit’s entry into Basic Military Training (BMT), the barrier of fear, trepidation, reluctance and just general resistance to the sacrifice of freedom and two years of one’s prime teenage years.

The protagonist here is Ken Chow (Joshua Tan), a headstrong and impulsive rich kid who is forced to put his plans to study abroad on hold due to NS commitments. As such, he starts off hating even the thought of NS, and while his father (Liu Qianyi) tries to convince him to think positively about it, his mother (Irene Ang) busies herself trying to find ways for her son to skip NS – even going to the extent of approaching their Member of Parliament (MP).

To complicate matters further, his plans to go overseas included his girlfriend, who would also be heading overseas for academic reasons. Yet as the Government would have it, his application for deferment is denied, leaving him Tekong-bound in body but certainly not in spirit. Ditto for his fellow enlistees ‘Lobang’ (Wang Weiliang) and  ‘I P Man’ (Noah Yap), the former a particularly resourceful and enterprising buddy who sells charged spare handphone batteries to his section mates.

With generous support from Mindef, Neo accurately chronicles the baptism of fire of a BMT recruit in Pulau Tekong, especially in acclimatising to regimen and authority. Besides the morning revelry and the stand-by beds, there’s also the physical training in terms of IPPT, Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) and route marches. Rather than build too much plot into these scenes, Neo wisely keeps them simple by allowing his audience to project themselves into the various onscreen characters and relive their own BMT experiences.

Not only that, Neo also allows his audience to identify the various archetypes in NS – the ‘chao keng’ kings (i.e. Ken and Lobang), the over-achiever/ bootlicker (represented here by a certain bespectacled Aloysius Jin played by Maxi Lim) and the stern platoon sergeant (in the form of Second Sergeant Ong played by Tosh Zhang) – as well as the unique NS trademarks of singing, marching and water-parading. Part of the reason why the movie proves surprising entertaining is of course how easily anyone who has been through NS will be able to find something familiar and therefore nostalgic.

As one who has gone through a different generation of NS, Neo also observes with a keen eye the differences between NS in the past and the NS of today. The oft-heard line from those who did their NS in the 1970s is how easy recruits have it nowadays, and to illustrate this point, Neo takes the opportunity at certain points in the movie to flash back to how it would have been in the past – and that shrewd calculation easily ensures that his movie speaks also to the generation of males who have served NS in its early days.

For a good part of the movie, plot essentially takes a backseat while Neo dramatizes BMT then and now, but he gets back to it with a melodramatic twist in the last half hour. Thankfully, it is handled with more deftness than you would expect from a Jack Neo treatment (think ‘Money No Enough 2’), and while teetering on the brink of histrionics, it at least achieves its aim of getting its audience to think about the consequences of taking ‘chao keng’ to dangerous heights.

That’s of course a message that Mindef would gladly endorse, and let us warn you beforehand that there will be propagandistic talk glorifying the importance and significance of NS. Kudos to Neo however for ensuring that this movie doesn’t end up as no more than a Mindef mouthpiece, and for the audacity to include some common tongue-in-cheek jokes about the Service – these are particularly funny in Hokkien, and especially so when delivered by native dialect speakers like Wang Lei.

Lei also appears in the movie as Ken’s uncle, but like the other veteran actors, his role is no more than a supporting one. Instead, attention is placed square and centre on the newbies, whom Neo manages to elicit surprisingly convincing performances. The casting is spot on, with the actors easily inhabiting their roles – and most entertaining is Wang Lei’s getai protégé Wang Weiliang, who plays the loutish Lobang with panache. Importantly, the camaraderie amongst the actors is keenly felt, making it easier to buy into their team spirit in the movie.

You’ve probably noticed at this point that we’ve avoided mention of what was the selling point of this movie – the depiction of our island city at war, with iconic destinations such as the Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay hit and our HDB heartlands overrun by terrorists. Certainly, those were the money shots, but the ironic thing is how awkwardly they fit into the rest of the movie – no matter Neo’s purpose of trying to educate his audience of the significance of NS.

Those guessing that the sequences are no more than hypothetical scenarios at this point in time are however correct – and while it isn’t a dream like the much-ballyhooed ‘The Best Bet’, the rationale here for their inclusion isn’t any better. Yet ‘Ah Boys to Men’ doesn’t need Hollywood theatrics to stand out as a funny and entertaining ode to NS; on the contrary, all it needs – and what Neo has managed to do – is to tap into its audience’s own NS experiences and to portray them as accurately as possible. You’d laugh, you’d reminisce and you’d leave with a smile on your face knowing that you have been part of a Uniquely Singapore experience – on that account alone, this is a must-see for anyone who’s given up two years or more of their lives to the defense of this country.




A veteran British secret service agent is no match for a bunch of Singaporean army recruits at the cinemas.
Local director Jack Neo’s army movie Ah Boys To Men has broken local box-office records by earning more than $1.5 million over its opening weekend, in the process beating James Bond movie Skyfall, which was in its second week of release.
The coming-of-age film about youths going through through national service took $1,509,422 from last Thursday (Nov 8) to Sunday (Nov 11), giving it the biggest opening weekend ever for a local movie.
With 37 prints in cinemas, it beat the previous record-holder, the 2008 comedy Ah Long Pte Ltd, also directed by Neo, which had made $1,484,000 with 50 prints in its opening weekend over Chinese New Year.

Usah Bolt is very cute boy

August 12, 2012

I like to see Usah Bolt running because he can run very fast with ease. Yes, he run in relax way. Usah Bolt always give people happy feeling.

Well done Usah Bolt

Body and soul

September 5, 2011

We are now living because we have body and soul. When we die, our body and soul will slowly separated.

Can soul still carry on the next journey? According to some belief, the soul will go heaven or hell.

According to other belief, the soul will carry on either embodied to be animal, ghost, heavenly beings, hell beings,etc.

Someone believe when we die, we will all disappear forever.

To play safe, better do good things.

I want to slap you

January 25, 2011

I want to slap you

If someone say:” I want to slap you. ” What is your reaction?

I want to slap you.
  1. Medchrome
    Medchrome I want to kill you
    6/11/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 You have made the wrong decision.
      Because you will get killed somehow somewhere.
      Pitiful people always doing things without thinking of the outcome. They only regret after they have done the stupid things.
    2. Medchrome
      Medchrome I wouldn’t regret to kill that person… If its you beware….
      COOLINGSTAR9 You are the lovely joker here.
      Thanks for amusing all of us.
      Be the good boy, ok.
  2. TheCrazyhorse
    TheCrazyhorse I will give the other side of my face..if someone throws stone i will throw bread in return…

    that’s love , unconditional love to my brothers and sisters here on earth.

    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 crazyhorse,
      You said:” …”that’s love , unconditional love to my brothers and sisters here on earth.”
      Although you have the very good mindset but you should hand the bread to him instead of throwing it.
      I have confidence on you, you surely can change for the better if you throw away your crazy mindset.
      Thank you very much.
    2. TheCrazyhorse
      TheCrazyhorse actually you are would be better to hand over the bread instead of throwing it…but it is just a figure of speech…you just get the thought…
      COOLINGSTAR9 Humor is what we need sometimes.
  3. JHess
    JHess U are crazy , crazyhorse now i want to slap you is that bad?
    6/12/10 · Reply
    1. TheCrazyhorse
      TheCrazyhorse it is okay..really…i deserve it … i can pay your airfare and hotel accommodation just to be here in my place and i will let you slap my face then i will tour you around here my brother…i’m crazy no more! i m seeking for righteousness and i really appreciate that you can contribute in getting myself closer to holiness
      COOLINGSTAR9 Crazyhorse,
      You are the hero, you show the excellent examples to all BC members that you have the determination to correct the mistakes.
      Hope more bad guys follow your footsteps.
      I hope you should not make the mistakes over and over again, be the real hero.
    3. TheCrazyhorse
      TheCrazyhorse I agape you
      COOLINGSTAR9 Hee hee hee.
  4. FreakSmack
    FreakSmack Nobody has ever told me they were going to slap me before, I’ve been slapped on several occasions, but there was never a warning.

    When I imagine someone saying they are going to slap me all I can picture is this. And if somebody said it to me in that voice I would probably just laugh in their face.

    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Please remain cool.
    2. FreakSmack
      FreakSmack I’m not angry
      COOLINGSTAR9 The great challenge in this century is get rid of anger.
    4. crpitt
      crpitt I can sense the rage
    5. FreakSmack
      FreakSmack I’M NOT RAGING!!!!!!!!
      COOLINGSTAR9 Yes, I can read you. I need to give you some cold drinks.
  5. dyeve
    dyeve Me? ) But why?

    I’ll slap that person so hard, till clothes will be outta style ))) No, I’m joking..I really don’t know right now. Never happen this to me.

    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Hee hee hee, for your future test. Hope you can pass the test.
    2. dyeve
      dyeve I hope does not happen, ever. For my “future test” ? I will make my application whith Rule #1 and better never dare to find out or think about it.
  6. dyeve
    dyeve But, what if a woman slaps a guy can he legally hit her back?
    6/12/10 · Reply
  7. dyeve
    dyeve Or, another exemple… I read somewere this:

    „I work in an office and recently there was these incident.
    M y boss came to work all pissed and everything, SHE asked me for a document she i gave her the previous day and I told her she hadnt given it back. After searching for it i found it in a file where someone else kept it. She got mad and aske dwho kept it there,i said i wouldnt know.
    In a matter of moments she leapt out of her seat and gave me a dirty slap.
    My colleagues were all over me trying to hold me so i don’t retaliate. I felt realy bad cause if it came down to a showdown,i’ll beat the hell out of her.
    MY most senior colleague called and asked me not to make a formal report to head office that it’ll get her in trouble.
    But everytime i remember the slap,i want to cry because,i’m not a defenceless person but now i can’t help it.”

    Now, what would you do in her shoes? hmm..?

    6/12/10 · Reply
  8. nothingprofound
    nothingprofound My reaction is: “Why?”
    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 You are wondering, hee hee hee.
  9. agapistudios
    agapistudios had a boss … come after me and when I got done with the freak out I went back and nearly pushed his butt to the other side of the room called the police and filed a complaint against him. I used to turn the other cheek as they say … then I realized it was healthier to fight back.
    6/12/10 · Reply
  10. basatish
    basatish sorry you got the wrong person… you must be looking for my twin brother… 😉
    6/12/10 · Reply
    1. dyeve
      dyeve =)))))
  11. agapistudios
    agapistudios don’t tell me if you meditate your dark side dissapears … the animus?
    6/12/10 · Reply
  12. itpaystodiet
    itpaystodiet I would have to go with basatish’s answer.
    6/12/10 · Reply
  13. Nomadic
    Nomadic Slap myself first. Confuse them. Then run away.
    6/12/10 · Reply
  14. RicoSwaff
    RicoSwaff I’d be like, “yeah that’s cool, just don’t use a closed fist and hit my teeth or my nose.”

    This sounds weird, but people used to pay me $5-10 to slap me as hard as they could at parties because I know how to take it without showing any reaction whatsoever…. no flinching, no eye-watering, nothing. I can ignore the pain. I didn’t necessarily like being slapped, but when they were about to do it, I would tell myself that pain is nothing more than just another feeling, just like pleasure. Then after they finished the slap, I would have more $, so it was all good.

    6/12/10 · Reply
  15. eeque
    eeque Hmmm…

    “There is no spoon”.
    And then I dodge.

    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 It set you thinking lol.
  16. XxJamberxX
    XxJamberxX They are to weak to act and are just all talk. If they seriously were they’d would’ve never needed to say it.
    6/12/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Hee hee hee, you are little girl. No wonder you have no strength.
  17. davedol
    davedol Well, if a pretty woman wanted to slap me as foreplay preceding kinky nookie…I might go along with it. Except I am not the submissive type.
    6/12/10 · Reply
  18. agapistudios
    agapistudios do we exist to be provoked? Cus that seems to be your point?
    6/13/10 · Reply
  19. numby
    numby I get more upset if someone doesn’t slap me
    6/13/10 · Reply
    1. agapistudios
      agapistudios are people who meditate allowed to slap … that is my question .. numby ….
    2. numby
      numby Sometimes a person is so deep into their meditation that they appear to be in comatose. Then you have to slap them to wake them up
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you need ” attention”.
      Am I right?
  20. jeremyjanson
    jeremyjanson “Why?” Unless it’s a very casual conversation, in which case I’ll just laugh and continue the pleasant mischief.
    6/14/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Let’s laugh for 10 minutes.
  21. crazyTsu
    crazyTsu you mean “bitch slap”.. no, you cant, sorry
    6/14/10 · Reply
  22. purplelephant
    purplelephant Haha, is this a joke? I’m not getting it…
    6/22/10 · Reply
  23. AndrewGCarson
    AndrewGCarson You may need a step ladder to slap me and if you did it would be a very big mistake. The last person to hit me in the face ended up with a broken orbital bone, it was in a pub when I was eighteen a guy tried to touch up my then girlfriend and when I told him to get lost he punched me in the face but as I had been drinking Whiskey for the last seven hours I didn’t realise he had hit me at first until he tried a second time then I headbutted him in retaliation. I felt it the next day though, big bruise on my chin but I heard from a friend of mine who was working as a porter at the hospital that the guy suffered a fractured orbital bone above his right eye, I felt bad for the guy but my girlfriend said he deserved it.
    6/22/10 · Reply
    1. cbosco
      cbosco That’s why you should headbutt with your forehead – oh, and aim for the nose. d(^_^)
    2. 7masterheathen
      7masterheathen Next time this happens, for the love of all that’s insane, please catch the action on film. I’ll market if for ya and make millions, somehow. Don’t ask me how. I’m still workin’ on that. I might even give you a few bucks.

      In all seriousness, though, it sounds like you’re one not to tangle with.

    3. AndrewGCarson
      AndrewGCarson There is footage on Youtube of a massive football riot in the streets of Glasgow which was between Airdrieonian FC fans and Partick Thistle FC fans from about eleven years ago and unfortunately I was caught up amongst it. I’m no football hooligan but when three thousand opposing fans run at you hell you have start swinging and hope for the best.
  24. Agit8r
    Agit8r ah, man!!! i thought that coolingstars had finally written a rant post
    6/22/10 · Reply
  25. 7masterheathen
    7masterheathen If someone said that to me, I’d say, “Get in line, Buster! Everyone wants to take a whack at me.” I would say that even if your name wasn’t Buster.
    6/22/10 · Reply
  26. TheCrazyhorse
    6/23/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Crazyhorse,
      ” I want to slap you “. what is your reaction?
      I want to slap you.
    2. TheCrazyhorse
      TheCrazyhorse I deserve it.

      I hope you will be happy if you are going to slap me my brother.

      I have already answered that …see above comments…

  27. RicardoEllis
    RicardoEllis I would tell them 4 words. Listen Think then act!
    6/23/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Good reminder.
      Listen attentively.
      Think carefully.
      Act properly.
      Wow, so nice.
  28. bladeaxe4
    bladeaxe4 i want to fucking kill you!!
    6/23/10 · Reply
  29. JennOfTwoNs
    JennOfTwoNs I would imagine you’d be kidding. So I’d likely be a little surprised and laugh.

    The last time I was hit, it was my fourth grade bully. And I ended up winning that round, because I was carrying a metal lunchbox.

    6/23/10 · Reply
  30. sparkcheck
    sparkcheck I want to Taser you.
    6/23/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Your reaction while hearing the words ” I want to slap you ” is so violent.
      1. You use gun like device to incapitate the person.
      2. You have committed the offence by injuring people.
      3. Your action is against the law.
      Why we should react so violently. We should be cool even facing great trouble.
      Think twice before you act.
      Do not dance with the ” bad words ” and land you to the dangerous zone of hatred.
    2. sparkcheck
      sparkcheck A Taser is not gunlike. WANTING to Taser or slap someone is not a crime.
      COOLINGSTAR9 Nice to hear that, no violence is the best solution.
  31. needleandhookcafe
    needleandhookcafe I drop my jeans bend over take the slap Weeeee! Now what’s next.
    6/24/10 · Reply
  32. TheBoo
    TheBoo i dare you.
    6/24/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you challenge him?
  33. Arcticulates
    Arcticulates Run away! 🙂
    6/24/10 · Reply
    1. jeremyjanson
      jeremyjanson From a slap?
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you avoid his next move.
  34. voodooKobra
    voodooKobra “Think long and hard.”

    If they do it I’ll just block such that they end up slapping their own face. XD

    6/25/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, they eat their own fruits.
    2. voodooKobra
      voodooKobra Elbow joints are a wonderful thing.
      COOLINGSTAR9 You mean you have kungfu and your elbow joints very strong?
    4. voodooKobra
      voodooKobra Pretty much.
  35. nerie2010
    nerie2010 If I did nothing wrong, I will ask why? If I get a good answer, I will laugh it off… If I can hear “just joking.”
    6/25/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you take it easy.
      That’s nice.
  36. coacht
    coacht Well depending on my mood, If I’m in a good mood I may try to reason but if I’m in a bad mood I may welcome it by slapping them first… it just depends…
    6/26/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you make the move first.
      I hope that you are free from bad moods at all times. I worry the moment of bad moods will cost you the big price.
      Be cautious.
  37. workinghard
    workinghard If sucessful, don’t eat and don’t sleep. Turning the other cheek is not my thing.
    6/27/10 · Reply
  38. coacht
    coacht Tu’sha! I look at it like this….Our words carry heavy weight. So if we are not willing to stand behind them, we shouldn’t say what we do not mean or what we cannot back up. That is a mighty bold statement and if someone told me that I take it that they are prepared for the results of those words as am I…
    6/28/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Yes, mindful of our words.
  39. msyana
    msyana I’d walk away before getting slapped and wouldnt bother any reason. Going physical is just not my thing ..
    7/11/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you are the real hero.
  40. crazedmama
    crazedmama I would say, “go ahead and try *@#ch~”
    7/14/10 · Reply
  41. theprogram101
    theprogram101 Thank you. May I have another.
    7/14/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you are so unique. You turn the pain to enjoyment. Your action will lead the slapper feel shameful.
      Hee hee hee, the slapper feels painful on his hands because of your endurance.
  42. drjay1966
    drjay1966 Depends who’s doing it.
    7/14/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, see the situation.
    2. hatingtherain
      hatingtherain and where
      COOLINGSTAR9 You got the point.
      If your father slaps you because you are doing some bad deeds. Then you have to accept it and feel the pain. Remember not to slap back even if you are right.
    4. crpitt
      crpitt DrJay means being slapped on the arse during sex.
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you are the good joker.
  43. BlogDogW2
    BlogDogW2 Depends on the context – the situation and the environment. Generally I would ask what for? And then explain I’m not into having conflicts or confrontations.
    7/14/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Harmony is the best.
  44. hatingtherain
    hatingtherain I would kick them in the nuts
    8/04/10 · Reply
    1. AndrewGCarson
    2. hatingtherain
      hatingtherain not really, but I do want to see coolingstar’s reaction to my bad behavior.
      COOLINGSTAR9 Hee hee hee, nuts will become dead nuts. am I right?
  45. jimmyng
    jimmyng I keep an eye on his movement to avoid being slap.
    8/04/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Ha ha ha, your eyes must be sharp like eagle.
      Do you wear glasses?
  46. captNaj
    captNaj I would make a post about both the incident and the confrontation that would follow…when life gives you lemons, make margaritas…
    8/04/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you want to write that story.
  47. Hankmann
    Hankmann 100

    (I couldn’t resist!)

    8/04/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 You give $100 to that beater after beaten by him?
  48. brokenblade
    brokenblade I’d say, “Well, I want to get slapped by you.”
    8/16/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you wait for the strike happily.
      Do you have thick skin?
  49. ASPeMusik
    ASPeMusik please .. if possible … hehe I liked this discussion
    8/16/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 I am glad to hear that. The question sets you thinking.
  50. LynneaUrania
    LynneaUrania Answer:
    “For FREE?”
    8/16/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Oh, you want free slap?
    2. Agit8r
      Agit8r freakay!
      COOLINGSTAR9 Ha ha ha, let’s have a good laugh.
      Laughing is good for you health.
    4. LynneaUrania
      LynneaUrania It would be refreshing. Most of the Doms I know charge by the hour.
      COOLINGSTAR9 Slapping involves money?
      Heavy slap costs more?
  51. UncleBeau
    UncleBeau I’d say, “If you’d like to slap something new, avoid the ham. I already took care of that 15 minutes ago.”

    Plus you’d have to yell, “THIS IS GIRLY SPARTA!!! while you do it.

    8/16/10 · Reply
  52. thetrafficweapon
    thetrafficweapon If someone told me they wanna slap me, I’ll tell them “oops you just cant”
    8/19/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 ‘ oops you just can’t” because you are the king. am I right?
  53. SpeedyMcVroom
    SpeedyMcVroom On my behind?
    8/19/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 You want him to slap your backside?
  54. agapistudios
    agapistudios my reaction would be …. scared
    8/20/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 From your reaction, We learn one thing that we must not create fear for others.
  55. magalissandoval
    magalissandoval I think if someone were to say that to me I’d probably chuckle and ask, “Are you serious?”
    8/21/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Hee hee hee, are you serious?
  56. ChampDog
    ChampDog Please go ahead…
    8/30/10 · Reply
      COOLINGSTAR9 Wow, you full fill his wish.

Baghad’s incident

October 25, 2009

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Two suicide car bombs exploded in downtown Baghdad Sunday,  at least 136 people were killed. It shows that the security still need to be enhanced further.  It shows that the insurgency’ has the  abilities to carry out such a cruel act.

People could see black smoke  billowing from the horrible scene, as emergency service vehicles sped to the area.  Civilian cars were being mobilized to send the wounded to hospitals.

The walls of the building collapsed and people had to rush out hurriedly. The provincial administration, which was targeted by one of the car bombs.   Many innocent victims were pulling out of the rubble, and rushing them to ambulances.”

The car bombs, which targeted the Justice Ministry and the Baghdad provincial administration, come as Iraq is preparing for elections scheduled this January, and many Iraqi officials have warned that violence by insurgents intent destabilizing the country could rise.

There have been no claims of responsibility so far, but massive car bombs have been the hallmark of the Sunni insurgents seeking to overthrow the country’s Shiite-dominated government.

At least 25 staff members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, which runs the city, were killed in the bombing, said council member Mohammed al-Rubaiey.

The area where the blasts occurred is just a few hundred yards from the Green Zone that houses the U.S. Embassy as well as the prime minister’s offices. The street where the blasts occurred had just been reopened to vehicle traffic a few months ago, in what was supposed to be a sign that safety was returning to the once devastated city.

The devastating attacks occurred just hours before Iraq’s top leadership was scheduled to meet with heads of political parties on Sunday and reach a compromise on the disputed election law ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote in January.

The explosive-laden vehicles were sitting in parking garages next to the two government building, police said.

“They are targeting the government and the political process in the country,” Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Mousawi, spokesman for the city’s operations command center, told The Associated Press. He said the blasts were the work of suicide bombers who drove the vehicles into the parking lots, before blowing them up.

The blasts, which surpassed coordinated attacks against two government ministries in August that killed more than 100 people, appeared to be a blow to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who has staked his reputation and re-election hopes on returning security to the country.

Al-Maliki toured the blast sites later in the day.

Sunday’s explosions also injured nearly 600 people who were taken to six area hospitals. Medical officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, gave the death toll.

Video images captured on a cell phone showed the second blast going off in a massive ball of flames, followed by a burst of machine gun fire.

“This is a political struggle, the price of which we are paying,” said provincial council member al-Rubaiey. “Every politician is responsible and even the government is responsible, as well as security leaders.”

Three American security contractors, working for the U.S. embassy in Baghdad were injured in the blasts, but no American embassy personnel were killed, said Philip Frayne, an embassy spokesman. Frayne could not immediately provide details about who the contractors were escorting to the site, which company they worked for or, or the nature of their injuries.

The explosions were just a few hundred yards from Iraq’s Foreign Ministry which is still rebuilding after massive bombings there in August. The bombings were a devastating blow for a country that has seen a dramatic drop in violence since the height of the sectarian fighting in 2006 and 2007.

Making money on line

October 11, 2009

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For me, blogging is my favourite hobby and now I am exploring something new that is about making money on line. I have already started the on line journey and I tell myself that I should not give up if facing any difficulties. I have to find out the solutions, there must be some good ways.

That is my little thought for today, I hope your all can learn this, making money on line. It is ready fun, talk to you next time.