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How to live happily?

August 6, 2013

We can live happily if our mind set is healthy. How to have the healthy mind? At first, you must adopt the attitude that adjusting our mindset is necessary. Many people who continue to have unhappiness because they do not want to change. Remember our mindset is the one who lead us to happiness or not.

Firstly, We have to adopt these; Contended-you have to feel contented and stop the greedy mind set. Giving what you can give, helping others will make you happiness and our body will create something good for us. That means helping others can lead us to happiness. Secondly, do all the good deeds so that our mind can be in the positive positive position, adopt the non-violent attitude towards others including all helpless animals, being kind and no cruelty will make us peaceful. Why we should harm those animals who can feel the pain just like us. For this part, it is so good to adopt the Buddha way of compassion- no killing of all kinds. Thirdly, we have to stay cool and be patient without any hatred at all time. If we adopt this attitude, it will become our natural habit and is good for us the whole life. Fourthly, for all the good deeds, we must ready do it with smile. Fifthly, We have to have the ” meditated mind “, always remain cool if facing all kind of obstacles. Sixthly, having wisdom is the key point can can lead us to true happiness, so that we can keep the distance from the current confused and polluted environment and still can maintain the unshaken will,